i need to…

get off the internet. we went and saw the nurse practitioner (who i love) at our pedi’s office today. joe’s having nose issues. he’s always picking and making his nose bleed…tmi, i know. anyway, in discussing this medical mystery who is my eldest child, the topic of cf came up again today. he had a sweat chloride test this time last year and i dug it out of the ginormous file that relates to his medical mystery, which led to me googling information. how often are sweat tests wrong? how often can one have cf and a negative sweat test (a lot it turns out)? i had put cf in the dark recesses of my addled brain. until today. wondering if i need to insist on more testing. wondering if i need to let it be. wondering. wondering. wondering. i need to get off the dad-gum internet before i diagnose the whole family with a varying list of possible ailments. mine shall be: crazy-as can be brian: well, if you know brian, you can fill in something clever cheech: high colestrol from bacon and cheese joe: too damn smart for his own good e-mail me if you need diagnosing as well. i accept shiner light blonde as payment. or bacon.

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