I wont name names but faith is a hot button topic in our household. Probably, religion is more the issue. No, it’s faith. The two shorter members of the family battle this age old debate on a semi-regular basis. What I’ve come to realize in this is that I do have faith. I have faith that my little ones who are growing leaps and bounds will find a way to agree to disagree. Who knows, maybe the shortest member of the family will believe enough for both of them. I have faith on my husband. He will find a way, no matter what may come in the future to continue to care for us. I have faith in my family. I have faith that when treated properly, mother nature will continue to give us her beautiful gifts. I have faith in my friends. I believe they are there when I truly need them. How could these things (my beautiful family and friends and this awesome world we live in) be possible without some sort of divine intervention? I believe my beliefs, Brian has his. The wee ones certainly have their own unique perspectives on the issue. We manage to live in harmony…most of the time. We respect one another. That doesn’t mean we agree. Simply, sometimes we agree to disagree. We live and let live. Do you?