Wish things were easier…

So, I can’t get an ent to see Joe today or tomorrow. The ent who did Chet’s tonsillectomy won’t work Joe in. No one seems to understand why I don’t want to take the wait and see approach. They don’t get that wait and see ended up with mystery fever and major issues. I want ONE thing to go smoothly for the boy. Tubes are supposed to work; these were supposed to stay in for two years. I made an appointment with joe’s other pediatrician…hopefully, he can get us in to an ent that can understand why I feel this is urgent. I’m a big ball of emotions right now. I’m frustrated and mad and sad and a whole lot of other stuff buddies into exhausted which doesn’t help. I feel like I can’t fix it, and we all know how I am with not being in control. That doesn’t work for me. Gotta get this out so that when we pick the boy up from school, I can be positive and patient. Positive and patient. Positive and patient. Didn’t I just tell the oldest that same thing this morning. Ironic, no?!?

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