Wish things were easier…

So, I can’t get an ent to see Joe today or tomorrow. The ent who did Chet’s tonsillectomy won’t work Joe in. No one seems to understand why I don’t want to take the wait and see approach. They don’t get that wait and see ended up with mystery fever and major issues. I want ONE thing to go smoothly for the boy. Tubes are supposed to work; these were supposed to stay in for two years. I made an appointment with joe’s other pediatrician…hopefully, he can get us in to an ent that can understand why I feel this is urgent. I’m a big ball of emotions right now. I’m frustrated and mad and sad and a whole lot of other stuff buddies into exhausted which doesn’t help. I feel like I can’t fix it, and we all know how I am with not being in control. That doesn’t work for me. Gotta get this out so that when we pick the boy up from school, I can be positive and patient. Positive and patient. Positive and patient. Didn’t I just tell the oldest that same thing this morning. Ironic, no?!?


Why oh why can’t anything ever be simple with us…

So, the good news is the first half of the first week of first grade has been a success. Joe is thrilled with his new teacher and getting back to a routine has helped his behavior. Chet sailed through his tonsillectomy and adenoid removal like a champ.

Now…I rant…or vent…

If you recall we spent September of last year until just a few months ago in one doctor’s office after another. And, it all began just. like. this. Joe’s tube is galling out of his ear. I don’t know of it’s still in his eardrum, but I can see it. He had the “long term” tubes put in at the beginning of the year. Uh. It’s only been six months!!!

Next. I’ve got one week to get a very stubborn tooth out of his mouth or it’s extractions. He loves his dentist. I SO don’t want that to change.

It’s all a bit overwhelming. Why couldn’t the tube come out during the summer break. Noooo! It’s got to Be just like last year. Blech. I’m sure it will be fine. I’m sure it will be fine. I’m sure it will be fine…so now you know.

I’m still counting my blessings; even as I bi€<}!

XOXOXO kristi &co.