Why I Should Have Bought My Lottery Ticket…

So, today is the last day of preschool for Joe and Chet. I’m not quite sure how i feel about this. First, I KNOW I’m not prepared for another month of no driving due to my broken collar bone and not being able to get out of the house with the kids. Second, I am SO SURE I’m not prepared to intellectually stimulate my kids ALL DAY everyday…It’s hell when your five year old has passed you by intellectually. Chet, is SO ready for school to be over for the year. I know he’ll miss his friends, but he’s a real homebody. As long as he gets a play date every now and then, he’ll be good. Joe on the other hand, needs, wants, craves constant knowledge…this brings me to my other frustration.

We want to have Joe tested for “giftedness.” This is bringing about such constant stress, emotion and confusion on the part of his mama. It’s not that Joe’s smart…it’s that he’s scary smart. The frustrating part of my search on how to help my boy continue to achieve and learn at HIS rate (not the rate of others) is that the system of testing for “giftedness” is geared to help only those with disposable incomes. IQ testing with other intellectual tests costs at a minimum $700-$1000.00. Schools geared to the gifted children cost $1000 plus a month…If my boy was learning “disabled” rather than learning “able” he’d get services for free. Now, let me clarify. Just because Joe is SCARY SMART doesn’t mean he doesn’t come with his own set of challenges academically. He’s small for his age, he has a hard time holding a “fat” pencil or marker, physically he’s not as apt as other kids, he has a hard time not talking over his teacher (okay, he can’t refrain from this AT ALL) when he thinks of something relevant to say. He’s bossy, loud, controlling, opinionated and just plain ornery! But, he’s wonderful. I want to learn how to best help him outside of school because that’s the one situation I can “control.” (Wondering where my boy gets this from?)

Chet’s excelling in all his own ways as well. He’s great at making friends…kids gravitate toward him. He doesn’t care what others think of him besides occasionally mom, dad and grandparents and always his brother Joe. Chet can throw, kick a ball, tackle and run with the best of them. He’s learning his ABCs, 123s and whatever it is Joe is interested in teaching him that day. I am lucky that my boys get along so well almost all the time. Hopefully, by the end of the first week of June, I’ll be cleared to drive, have a new attitude and some freedom for the boys and I.

Hope you are all happy, healthy and well…

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