New Year, New Blog Layout!

Well, I’ve been terrible about blogging lately. Bad, Kristi, Bad! We had a wonderful, busy Christmas which just ended on MLK day ;-)” We had colds, ear infections…but are all healthy now. Today, I’ve started getting ready to get ready to en-roll Joseph in Kindergarten…I’m starting to panic! I was in such a state when I began gathering info that I had to get out the hand-held steam cleaner and clean 1/2 of my kitchen to ward off the ensuing panic attack. By the time 1/2 the kitchen was done, so I was I…so I’ve got 1/2 of a sparkling, disinfected, clean, fabulous kitchen…just don’t look on the other side. Monday is school-picture day again, so I’ll post those when we get them back and hopefully I can get some Christmas pictures up too.

Until then,

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