ENT Appt…Deviated Septum…nasal spray, etc.

It totally makes sense that kiddos with clefts would have deviated septums…our ent said that when you remove tonsils and leave adenoids as they do in most cases of kiddos with clefts, the adenoids grow bigger. He said that Joe definitely has a deviated septum that it just comes withe the cleft, but that isn’t what is causing the breathing issues b/c when you have a deviation, the side that is larger compensates for the side that is smaller. Joe’s sinus cavities are swollen (not surprised it’s alergy season here.) He gave a nasal steroid to use for 3 weeks; I am to call back at that time and tell them if he has improved. If not, it’s off to a sleep study to see if he’s loosing too much oxygen. If he’s loosing to much oxygen, then we’ll have to consider removing the adenoids. He said as far as the septum goes, that’s a 16-17 year old procedure if/when Joe decides to have rhinoplasty.



one of those mornings. today is joe-joe’s class party. guess what? my d*() truck won’t start. we’re trying to charge the battery. i was in charge of bringing sandwhiches to the party, which, i got up at 5:30 to make…i hope those kids don’t go hungry because of me.
hope your day is better than mine,


Joe has tried 4 new foods!!!!!!

I am so excited! Joe has tried 3 new foods. Here’s the back story. He wants to go to Chuck E Cheese. I told him he had to “earn” the trip and that he had to try five new foods. We made a chart for him to check and put smiley faces on, etc. Well, first, he tried pizza with sauce! We explained that the sauce is just like the sauce on his spaghetti o’s. Then, he tried some meatless chicken nuggets. (For those of you who don’t know, Joe doesn’t eat meat…except peperoni…but who can call that meat?) While I was making chicken soup last night, I was cutting some left over corn off the cob, and Chet wanted some. Joe decided to eat some too. So that’s three new foods in as many days…looks like there is a trip to Chuck E Cheese in my near future.
Lots of love,
kristi & co.

Now, he’s tried 4! He ate spagheti with sauce!